Revere Copper Mold Ein Kleiner Kuchen 2 cup S Shape

Revere Ware

"Ein Kleiner Kuchen"

Copper Mold

The original mold, after which Ein Kleiner Kuchen was modeled, is currently located in London. That mold was hand-formed in copper by repousse in Bavaria in the late 15th century. It was molded on a folded leaf form closely related to the style of decoration found on Gothic architecture. The basic "S" curve of the design makes the mold ideal for small molded appetizers, individual servings, and Bavarian cream desserts .

This beautiful 2 cup dessert or salad mold from Revere is crafted of the highest quality solid copper. Revere molds are lined with nickel for greater beauty and durability. This unique mold measures about 6-1/2" long, up to 4" across, and about 2-1/4" high, with neatly finished sides. T is a hanger ring for easy storage or display. Stamped Revere Ware - Korea.

The copper still has the clear lacquer coating, so this mold won't need polishing - just wipe with a soft cloth to maintain the beauty. T's a litte bit of scuffing, but no dents. Clean, shiny, ready to use or display.

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