This NO RESERVE AUCTION is for a Revere/Telechron Electric Westminster Chime Tubular Bell Floor Clock Movement with dial, hands, tube rack and tubular bells.

The clock did not have a pendulum or fake weights like similar Herschede models. The movement was in working condition when it was removed from its original case at the request of the clock owner so that a weight driven movement could be installed in its place. It has been stored in a box now for about a year or so. Clock is sold as is with no guarantee. The clock is driven with one of the popular and common Telechron motors. Although these motors are no longer being produced they are being rebuilt now by a number of individuals in the clock trade and a similar substitute motor is also available and fits many applications.

The etched silver dial does have some scratches but for its age is in good condition. The dial measures 13 3/8" high by 9 5/8" wide. The longest tube is 54" The four tubular bells, not pictured, are in good condition with no cracks and sound great but good use a good chrome polish.

Clock parts are sold as is with no guarantee.

This would make a nice project movement for someone wanting to make their own clock case.

I am cleaning out my clock repair shop back room of old clocks and parts so be sure to check my other
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