REVEREND Play God Press Kit With 8x10 Promo Photo

This is an official promotional press kit for the artist and album mentioned in the auction title. Everything included is shown in the listing photo. Most press kits includes a press release, one photo and sometimes a custom folder. If a folder is included, it will be seen in the photo. If there are more than one photo this will be reflected in the photo also.

Everything I sell is 100% original as issued by the record label at the time of release. Sometimes there will be xeroxed materials included such as magazine articles and reviews (these are most always photo copies and never the actual magazines or newspapers). Make sure you ask any questions before making your purchase, as I will NOT refund you for being disappointed that there is no photo, no folder or because the accompanying materials are xeroxed copies.

Since press kits are extinct these days now that everything is digital, these make great collector's items!

There may be slight wear in some cases to photos, press release sheets and folders from storage and an occassional staple. For the most part all of the items are in excellent condition, unless I have noted otherwise.

I will no longer ship to ITALY or RUSSIA - due to several items coming up missing!