Up for bid is everything you need to have the ultimate high-end retro Christmas package.

Included in this auction is a Revlis Aluminum Christmas Tree, a Garnet Musical Tree Turner and a Penetray Deluxe Color Wheel. All three items are representative of the best made items of the day.

Revlis is considered the Cadillac of Christmas Trees. No other tree has near the fullness of these trees. Revlis is silver spelled backwards by the way. The model for sale is C-105. This is a 4 1/2 foot tree with a whopping 105 branches! The branches vary in length from top to bottom to create a more realistic shaped tree. Tree comes in it's original box. The branches are stored in a unique tray in an upright position to keep the needles from crushing. These trees did not come with stands originally. I suspect the standard tripod stands would not have adaquately held such a substantial tree.

The tree turner is by Garnet. The turner runs smoothly and quietly and plays a beautiful Swiss music box version of Silent Night. The turner is trimmed in chrome and has an extra outlet on the base plus an outlet on the turning collar. Both of these outlets work and the cord is in very good shape. Construction of this turner is superior to others I have come across. I do not have the box for this turner.

The Color Wheel is by Penetray.
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