Revox A77 reel to reel tape deck

This was the top of the lineRevox tape deck at the time of manufacture. It is designed for maximum sonicfidelity, with an astonishing 66dB signal-to-noise ratio. This tape deck is in great condition. It looks new with no cosmetic damage, except very minor scratching to the plastic front cover. All functions work.

I bought this tape deck used, from the original purchaser, in 1984, right after it had been refurbished. I never used it. It has been stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment (an enclosed stereo cabinet in my living room) for the last twenty-five years. The heads on this tape deck have minimal wear, particularly when compared to the heads on other A77s which have been in continuous use.

The distinction this Revox A77 tape deck has over others is the bidder’s belief in my veracity. Most tape decks of this vintage have had multiple owners, come from unknown provenance, might have been stored under adverse conditions, and have probably seen thousands of hours more use. This item has extra value to the right bidder due to the high probability that I am telling the truth about its condition, usage, and storage.

I will provide the tape deck, the remote control, the plastic front dust cover, the original owners manual, a sales brochure, and a receipt dated 1984 for professional cleaning,
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