REXALL Vintage c1960s 20 Packs of Lorie Bubble Bath-MIP

Unopened vintage packet of Rexall Lorie Bubble Bath packets. 20 packets total in four different scents: English Lavender, Pink Carnation, Blue Lilac, and White Gardenia, so t must be five of each. 11.25 oz. Packaging looks like 1960s/70s-era, but t is no zip code on the box. P-2070. Some price sticker residue on the top and on the side. Box still has original plastic covering that is torn in a couple of places and the ends of the box are a bit crushed, but it's amazing that this has survived. This looks like something that would have been given as a Christmas or birthday gift back when bubble bath was a popular gift item. With packaging, this will weigh 2 lbs. IMPORTANT NOTE TO BUYERS ABOUT P&H: My shipping charge includes exact postage (within two ounces to allow for scale variance between mine and the post office's) and a minimal handling fee (typically no more than $2 per item, but sometimes more for large, heavy, odd-shaped, fragile or international packages). Listing and selling something like a postcard for $9.99 at auction (plus P&H of $1.99) will cost the seller $1.90 in eBay/PayPal fees; sell an eBay store item for the same amount and the cost to the seller will be a minimum of $2.22, provided that the item sells the first month it's posted. T are all sorts of fees associated with having an eBay store from a
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