Reynolds Aluminum Tapper kegerator Refrigerator antique

up for this auction is a mint antique kegerator or refrigerator specifically designed to be used with the Reynolds Aluminum Tapper Keg. I checked on ebay and seen some of the kegs for Hamm's and Falstaff floating around on ebay but NO , NONE, NOTTA one of these. i do know who made it ...but i just can't pin down when this was made. i did get alittle information which i will share about the Falstaff Tapper Keg that i found :

1963 - Falstaff and Reynolds Aluminum introduce the Falstaff Tapper, a small keg which can hold about a case of beer. The tapper proved to be a marketing success but financial failure for Falstaff as the containers were not returned in sufficient quantities to recover the cost of manufacturing them. The same problem will lead to the elimination of returnable bottles by many brewers.

i don't know how long these kegs were produced, but this fantastic little kegerator refrigerator would make an excellent addition to anybodys brewerania collection. to have one of the original kegs sitting in it would make a nice conversation piece. look at the pictures...this item is in beautiful condition. it is still in the original shipping box also. i am listing this as new as i was told it was never used, given as a gift that wasn't wanted , though the box is kind'a rough . it is surprisingly heavy for such a
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