Reynolds Beal Bermuda Watercolor Important American Maritime Work No Reserve

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This important American watercolour by Reynolds Beal depicts a Bermuda beach with boats and structures.The frame is original.The condition is good. No restoration or damage.The size is 7"X10".The watercolor is signed lower left and titled "Bermuda" lower right.
Reynolds Beal (October 11, 1866 – December 18, 1951) was an American Impressionist and Modernist artist.[1]
The elder brother of painter Gifford Beal, Reynolds was born in New York City. He and his brother Gifford spent their summers at Wilellyn in Newburgh, New York, on the Hudson River, and together they would later design the gardens at Wilellyn. His father was William Reynolds Beal, whose brother Thaddeus owned Echo Lawn, not far away.[2] Beal was a man of independent means, and was thus able to devote his life to his art without having always to appeal to the tastes of his patrons or to contemporary trends.
Beal showed artistic ability from an early age. He first studied at Cornell University (naval architecture), where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity and the Irving Literary Society. Beal painted and sketched in and around Cayuga Lake. His home haunts of the East River were the first subjects of his work; in Sibley Hall’s drafting bays he learned further technique as a budding naval architect. Although the “Sibley

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