RH PAL 36 World War II Army Issue COMBAT KNIFE!


11" Overall.

6" Bowie-type Blade.

Stacked Leather Handle with hard rubber or plastic spacers at each end.

Steel Handguard.

Aluminum Pommel.

Blade is mostly full and in Good condition, with sharpening and file marks and also some bumps on the top, or spine, w someone used the back of the blade to tap on the edge os something!

Handguard or Hilt is tight and also in Good condition!

Hard spacers are tight and free of any cracks or breaks!

Stacked leather handle is solid, full, tight, and the only injury I found is about a quarter-inch long, shallow divot in one of the leather discs that makes up the stack, on the top of the handle!

Aluminum Pommel is solid, full and shows only light wear! T is just a "hint" of looseness in the Pommel, but it is so minute that I can't really see it move. I can only feel it with a light touch, when I jiggle it with my fingers. It is probably just the result of some drying out of the leather discs, and can, for all practical purposes be considered as tight.

This is a real piece of World War II History!

My apologies to my much appreciated international bidders, but these knife auctions will be only to U.S. bidders. T are just too many restrictions and
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