Rhanavardkar MADJID Bar Scene iv

Rhanavardkar MADJID Persian Artist 1943
"Bar Scene IV" CANVAS.

My husband purchased this beautiful painting fifteen years ago and it cost 800 euro. This is a beautiful painting but as it our dining room is very dark we feel that a mirror would be better suited for the room. Size 71 By 60

Madjid was born in Teheran in 1943. His early days were opent in Persia. As the
youngest member of a well know artistic family, He was encouraged to paint through
childhood. 1959 Madjid won the "Rasi" a French/Persian prize for painting. 1960 a
prize for sculpture at the academy in Teheran. 1961 Majid became a student at the academy in Munic and also took private lessons. His tutors in Munic were Ollnet and Huburt. 1966 Madjid started to exhibit at the Arsen Gallery in Teheran in mixed exhibitions and one was shown. By exhibiting in German, Persian and American galleries, Majid became known internationally. At present he lives in Munic. We see in Majid an exponent of modern impressionistic art who makes a pesoual statement. His brush work betrays his love for romanticism. In his compesition he used almost playful combinations of props as a master of light colour and form Madjid knew what he was capable of. With his use of colour he encourages to create a Lively

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