Rhewum Blitz Railroad Traffic Lantern with Case

Rhewum Blitz Railroad Traffic Lantern with Case

You are bidding on Rhewum Blitz Railroad Traffic Lantern with Case. It is made in Germany and possibly has been unused.

Rhewum Case - t is a piece of yellow on it - please see pictures. The case stands 14 1/4" tall and is about 6" in diameter at the base. T are no dents.

Blitz lantern - The lantern is also in great condition. The wick is unsued and t is no residue or smell. It appears to have never been used. The etched Rhewum emblem on the glass is completely intact. It stands over 10" tall and the handle extends an additional 4 1/2" . The base measures 4 1/4" at the base.

This is a great piece of vintage history. Perfect addition to any collection.

Box 49

Please be sure to check back with our other auctions over the next few weeks as we will be selling the entire collection of a prolific collector of railroad lanterns and other railroad items. This collector was meticulous with his collection, and all of these lanterns were either complete when purchased or carefully restored to their proper configuration. Unfortunately due to tragic circumstances he has been forced to sell, but without going in to the details I would like to emphasize your bids will be for a very good cause.

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