Rhinoceros Snow Globe. Rhino . Keep charging!!!

Do you have a Rhino snowglobe? What?!!? OK. Don't panic! This auction will be over in one week and you could be the proud owner of this rhino snow
globe that has one rhino captured in the glass ball and 2 rhinos waiting outside wondering how to get their buddy out. Incredible detail on this piece.. It is small
for a snowglobe (2 3/4" high), but nicely done. The only trouble is that when you shake it, it looks like the water in a dirty jacuzzi that you would not want to
sit in! It does have the traditional glitter, but who knows what else is floating around in t? Just don't shake it!! It also has a bubble at the top of the globe.
Hope I am not discouraging you! Oh yeah, did I mention that the rhinos horns are broken off? JUST KIDDING!! The rhinos and the scenery is very
lifelike. It is just that crud floating around in the glass ball that keeps this from being a world class rhino collectible. I am going to put other rhino stuff in the
box to make up for the flotsam floating around that poor rhinos face everytime he gets turned upside down. OK. You have bid on the rhino snow globe. Now,
get on your two-inch-thick skin and get your 6,000 pounds charging out in the jungle chasing down your goals. This snowglobe will not inspire you if you are
going to sit in the house all day watching TV and eating Danish
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