RHJ Marquise Syn Sapphire Ring w'Diam 18k White

Read this description. Know what you are buying. Rich deep Blue Sapphire in a marquise cut surrounded with Pure White Diamonds. Hand set in Hand Crafted mounting of Sterling Silver with 18k white gold finish. Ring size 7. Regency Hall Joailliers, Ltd has a long history of high quality in stone material, cutting, setting, jewelry design, and custom metal work. The major pieces are Reproductions of the finest and rarest jewels ever produced. RHJ's custom jewelers had years of experience making such Jewelry in the top houses of the USA and Europe. RHJ stones are all finely crafted, rare and unusual, and hence, expensive! When you bid on a Regency Hall piece, you are bidding on Quality and a piece of History! These stones were developed by modern technology, the finest of which match the best of natural stones. RHJ used only the finest to bring out the rare and beautiful, rich, deep colors and internal fire that have attracted people to gemstones for generations. Many of these gems have essentially the same physical characteristics and optical properties as their natural models. RHJ stones are all cut in the age-old cutting centers of Europe to achieve maximum brilliance. Like Cultured Pearls, which we have enjoyed for generations, these fine "Cultured" stones bring the beauty and hardness we all admire without the high price tag. Though ... read more