Rhode Island Colonial Currency $3 July 2, 1780

State of Rhode Island

and Providence Plantations

Colonial Currency

July 2, 1780 $3 Serial Number: 1316

This is “A beautiful Rhode Island note that appears to be a superb gem note at first glance. The margins are huge and the centering perfect. Bold printing and signatures are found on well embossed surfaces. There are a couple of old corner mounts which keep it short of the penultimate grade.”

Signers: Adam Comstock, Caleb Harris (in red ink)

Size: front border design: 69 x 88.5mm; back border design: 68 x 88.5mm.

Here is a great opportunity to begin a collection in Colonial Currency, and own a piece of American history! Or, you may just need to fill in the blank to a collection already started. The price is right, there is a modest reserve and of course, no shipping cost to the lucky high bidder. Thanks for looking!

Numbering and first signature in black ink; second signature in red ink. Back bears an emblem from the Continental Currency issue of January 14, 1779 of an eagle and an heron fighting with the motto: "Exitus in dubio" (The outcome is in doubt). Paper contains blue threads and mica flakes (prominent on the front of the note). Hold it up to the light and you can see the watermark which reads: "CONFEDE / RATION" on two lines, oriented so that it reads
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