Rhodesia / BSAC: 1898 'Arms' Definitive £2 ***SPECIMEN IMPERF***

Items on Auction:
Rhodesia / BSAC (British South Africa Company) 1898 'Arms' Definitive with SPECIMEN imperf Pristine condition Slight hinge remnant on back In view of probable high final bid, this item will be sent by Registered (Signed for) post See 2 images below for high magnification of front and back

Notes: Stamps often come in a wide variety of shades. If not specified above, then it is up to the buyer to decide what shade and catalog number applies to the stamp on auction. See enlarged picture for better details. I generally provide high-resolution scans of all items on sale. Should you want a scan of the stamp reverse, I will gladly provide it on condition the catalog value is more than $10.00. I do not provide scans of the reverse for low-value items. Any fine lines near the top or bottom of the images or a 'crunched' appearance (near the stamp bottom) are not faults . These are scanner-generated artifacts from the protective cellophane covers and/or sticky tape on the cellophane cover. Should you bid on multiple items, I do combine postage costs.