Rich Dad Poor Dad CashFlow 101 Board Game

Cashflow 101 is a fun way to learn about personal financial success. It really teaches some excellent principles. The game is in great shape and all the pieces are t, even the pencils.
Board game "The secrets of the Rich" video 3 audio tapes by Robert Kiyosaki Spreadsheets to automate the scoring We found that our kids had more fun if they didn't have to do all the score keeping for their character. So after they master the paper version, I made Excel spreadsheets to automate the scoring, then we just passed around the laptop. It made for quicker game play.
The game focuses on getting out the Rate Race (w you have no money working for you) and into the "Fast Track" w your money does work for you. It teaches accounting, finance and investing all at once. Play at home with the family to setup kids for success and/or play at one of many nationwide Cashflow clubs.