Rich Toys Co. fortress cannon-spring operated-vintage wooden toy-Clinton, Iowa

This is a Rich Toys (of Clinton, Iowa) wooden cannon that will shoot a small projectile from the spring loaded barrel. The barrel is about 0.6" in diameter. I'm guessing it shot wooden cannon balls, but I haven't found any definitive information on this specific toy. The spring still works, but I'm sure in today's protected society it would be unthinkable to let someone actually shoot it. The cannon raises up and down, as seen in the pictures. The cannon carriage swings both ways on the platform. I don't really know the function of the release(?) at the back of the carriage. (Selective senility.) The toy is in overall good condition, and has one repair on one of the rampart walls. Please study the pictures to see the condition of this toy. The toy is about 17" wide (fully open) and about 15" deep. The rampart walls are about 3.5" high. I am describing this as a fortress cannon, but that is my name and not necessarily what Rich Toys named it. I find reference to an Artillery Set and Siege Guns for Rich Toys. It doesn't seem to be either of those to me, so I made up my own name.

I found an interesting description on the internet that gives some details of the Rich Toys company:

Rich Manufacturing Company Sterling and Morrison, Illinois and Clinton, Iowa
1915 - 1941
Rich-Illinois Company, Rich Toys Inc.
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