Rich Uraninite with Nickel from Canada

For auction is a very rich nugget of uraninite with Nickeline from Canada. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in richness! Measures 4.5cm across. This item is very dense!

Very aesthetic with the nickel throughout!

Uraninite contains trace amounts or radioactivity due to it being a natural ore of uranium. This is not processed uranium. This is natural uranium ore. This will be mailed within USPS guidelines and will be bagged, boxed, and then doubled boxed such that the surface gamma is minimal.

Dont buy quantity, buy quality! Most others sell uraninite in matrix, with the matrix being far more than the uraninite. Why buy a large piece of sandstone with just a bit of uraninite in it when you can buy the real deal? See my other auctions for a much larger piece of pure uraninite!