Richard Dix Robert Dix SIGNED biography OUT OF HOLLYWOOD Forbidden Planet

Beautiful 1st edition and hand signed by ROBERT DIX, OUT OF HOLLYWOOD is a wonderful biography of OLD HOLLYWOOD and it's stars - from stories about his famous father RICHARD DIX , the handsome leading man of silent and talkies in the 20's thru 40's, to stories of ROBERT DIX life in films and Hollywood.

Robert Dix was in many famous movies , but also some fun 70's schlock like SATAN'S SADIST , but most famous for his role as crewman grey in FORBIDDEN PLANET. Robert was the crewman who bravely approached the ID monster as it attacked the ship and as he fires his laser gun, the ID monster picked him up and flung him far away. Richard discusses the fun they had making FORBIDDEN PLANET, the amazing sets, Robbie the Robot ect.

This is a HAND SIGNED 1st edition that I had purchased directly from the publisher - softcover - 267 pages with many B&W and Color photos.