Richard Kiel signed Kanamit Twilight Zone photo. Cute! To Serve Man.

Superb, signed 8X10 photo of Richard Kiel, in a pose from his famous Twilight Zione episode!!! Signed with "Love this organic food!"..>Richard Kiel "Kanamit" From Wikipedia... Kiel broke into films in the early 1960s with the B-movie Eegah (1962), which was later featured on the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. He also co-wrote, produced, and starred in the family-friendly movie The Giant of Thunder Mountain. He and Arnold Schwarzenegger were the original choices to play the title character in the 1977 TV series The Incredible Hulk. Schwarzenegger was turned down due to his height. Kiel participated in the filming of two episodes, including the TV movie pilot. During the shoot, producers decided their Hulk needed to be muscular rather than just towering, and Kiel was dismissed because he possessed more body fat than the producers deemed necessary. According to an interview at Den of geek, Kiel, who sees properly out of only one eye, also reacted badly to the contact lenses used for the role, and found the green makeup difficult to remove, so he did not mind losing the part. All recognizable footage of Kiel was cut; the scenes were then reshot with Lou Ferrigno. He is well known in the UK for his appearance in a commercial for Shredded Wheat (1980), which can be seen on YouTube. He reprised his role of Jaws with voice
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