Richard Nixon 1972 Campaign Headquarters Banner Set

Hello if you are a fan or collector of United States political memorabilia thisone might be right up your alley! Offered today is a very hard to find 19 piece set of Nixon/Agnew Re-Election Headquarters display display items. This set includes posters, banners and other promotional items that were made to be hung in the local campaign office. Each piece is made of plastic and all are in very good condition with no rips or tears. Some of the pieces show some wear and spots where the colors have beed transfered onto each other where the pieces were folded during storage for the past (nearly) 40 years. (Any bright white spots shown on the photos above are caused by camera flash and are not flaws on the actual pieces)

This set includes the following pieces:

One four piece Nixon/Agnew Campaign Headquarters banner. This piece shown in the 1st photo above is actually 4 pieces that each measure 34" long by 11.5" tall. Piece #1 reads Nixon / #2 - Agnew / #3 Campaign / #4 Headquarters. Two identical posters that read: President Nixon Now More Than Ever these pieces measure 34" by 22.5" each. One is shown above in the 2nd photo Four identical pieces of bunting that measure 34" by 22.5" each. One is shown above in the 3rd photo. Four idential banners that show one star and stripes that measure 34" long by 11.5" tall. One shown
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