Richard Nixon Uncirculated Carson City Silver Dollar

Grow your Nixon collection with confidence from NixonStuff, APIC #8611 Uncirculated Carson City Silver Dollar
Richard Nixon Message
Our daughter is getting married in August. Wife says "Let Nixon pay for the wedding!" and I say "Why not?" These items offered are from my 40-year collection of thousands and thousands of Richard Nixon items. Time to recycle, let them go, pay for the wedding and move on

is an 1885 uncirculated United States silver dollar in a custom
presentation case with a message from Richard Nixon inscribed
in silver on the inside of the lid:

"As we approach America's Bicentennial, this historic
silver dollar is one of the most valued reminders of
our national heritage"


The image above is of the actual item you are bidding on and will receive.

MINT CONDITION as seen above.
Great item for your political collection
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NEAR MINT = Just about perfect . . . possible minor flaws mentioned only for accuracy.
EXCELLENT = Possible oxidation on the back only or very minor flaws as described.
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