Richards & Hartley Cupid and Venus Open Compote, Antique EAPG c.1875, High Large

This listing is for an Antique, Richards and Hartley Flint Glass Co Cupid and Venus Open Compote. Cupid and Venus, pattern 500, was introduced by Richards & Hartley circa 1875 and is also known as Guardian Angel. The pattern is beautiful featuring Cupid and Venus in a beaded medallion with a band of scrolls and bars around the bowl. The bowl has a scalloped rim with beads on the underside. The base of the bowl is paneled leading into the round stem with two central rings. The base is round with a pleated band on the interior. The compotes were made in at different heights and both open and lidded, this is tallest variety and has a sharp inner rim indicating it was likely an open design. It's a fantastic piece and stunning design of Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG).
The compote measures 8 1/4" high, 8 3/4" in diameter at the rim and weighs 2 lbs 13 oz.
Two sequential scallops have small nicks on the very edge, one of which appears to jut out slightly from the scallop, likely a manufacturing flaw. The balance is free of chips, cracks and fleabites, including the base and inner rim. There are a few feint marks from use or storage, none notable without close inspection. The foot has light wear. There are a few light strawmarks, common to antique glass but worth noting. The glass is wonderfully clear and has a light
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