Richardson Bros Cross Cut Saw N.J. Glock Hardware Ohio


This is a Richardson Brothers cross cut saw, it is 30 1/4" total length, blade is 26", width is 7 1/2", and there's an 11 stamped in the blade (left lower corner) indicating teeth per inch. Under Richardson Bros., it saws, " Trade Mark (Maltis Cross with R in center), Newark, N.J., London Spring Steel Patent Temper 12 Warranted Patent Ground. This saw is guaranteed, all dealers are authorized to take back or exchange if ______ defective in any particular_____." Next to this information is the selling dealer information, which is only partially readable, " Made exclusively for Glock & T____, dealers in hardware and mechanics tools, Columbus, Ohio". Blade is straight, teeth are good, it has a "NIB" at front, blade is relatively clean with some scratches towards the front where someone attempted cleaning, and no dings/dents are evident. The handle (grip) is solid, some paint evident, and the "tabs" above/below the hand grip are chipped. There are a couple little handle dings but nothing major. The logo/button on the handle is correct. For a saw from the late 1870s to have survived this well is a testimony to someone. With the proper clean-up, this saw could be a showpiece! Add it to your collection. Note - blank spaces in writing indicated unreadable information.


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