is a rare super nice catalog from the Richmond Stove Company : Home of the Richmond Quality Stove - Ranges and Furnaces. This is catalog No 33. This is a dealer's catalog and seems to show their entire line. On the first couple pages it shows the construction of different parts of the stove. T is page after page of beautiful ranges - all with different finishes - the Winner, Richmond, Success, sensation, Superior, Merit, Sensible, Advance, Jewel, Juno, It also shows a few different high closets, a tea rail and a pipe shelf, Then they show Cook Stoves.After that they detail the Sanitary Hot Blast and show the models.Then the beauty oak, woodbine mammoth, regal , franklin, iron king, pluto, railroader, laundry, tank heater, alva, belle, . Then they show the other things they carry like the grates, cooking items, . Then they show three stoves and break down the different parts so you know what to call them when ordering. At the back are a couple of different furnaces they carry.On the back cover t is a paper holder that has in it a few small brochures for the Aerona No 1-4 and the Fireplace Radiona which is a heating appliance. They measure 3 1/2 x 6 1/4 folded shut. T is also a price list dated March 1928 for catalog NO 33. The catalog itself is in good clean condition and is printed on very nice quality paper.On the top of each

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