THE RIETTI GTX IS TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM: Powerful! Aerodynamic! Cutting edge technology! be the 1st to ride The future of electric bikes
YES, it's a bicycle...An extraordinarily powerful electric bike with the most aerodynamic curves imaginable. One glance at the Rietti GTX Electric Bike and you know immediately the source of inspiration from which it came. The world's greatest Italian sports cars and super bikes are clearly a part of the Rietti's bloodline. Absolutely nothing about this SUPER-Bike is ordinary. From the sleek wind-tunnel tested outer ABS shell to the powerful inner motor and long life rechargeable battery, everything on this incredible bike has been designed to provide the ultimate cycling experience. The rush of excitement you'll experience will be like none you've ever felt before on an electric bike. In fact the response was so great that the Rietti swept numerous design awards throughout Asia. Everything down to the forged steel inner frame, aerodynamic outer shell and 22'' cast iron wheels was designed to withstand any high speed punishment thrown at it. Of course a bike this fantastically designed would be nothing but window dressing without a high powered motor to match. Enter a specially designed 180W brushless DC motor. The reduced weight and space saving ability of the 180W motor made it ideal for
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