Rip Hunter Time Master #2 - VG


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Our inventory covers all major publishers from the start of the Silver Age to date and we also carry a small selection of Golden Age books. Whether you're looking for 'beat but complete' reading copies, professionally graded high-grade books, or anything in-between, Comicana Direct currently have over 60,000 items in stock to chose from, with new stock being added every week. Go to our web-site to check out our huge inventory and high resolution scans.


Comicana Direct determines grade by strict adherence to Overstreet grading standards, although we also incorporate certain aspects of the standards laid down by CGC, the industry's premier third-party grading company, when those standards are stricter than Overstreet's interpretation.

Our aim is to allocate a grade that would be the minimum grade received should the book be submitted to CGC for independent assessment. Although
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