RIP RADCLIFF - MULTI signed handwritten letter (1938 Goudey Heads Up card)

Rip Radcliff .311 lifetime hitter. He appeared on Wheaties boxes around 1937. Also in the Heads Up Goudey set of 1938. Three times placed in the Top-16 for MVP. Featured with his wife and son in Baseball Magazine Oct. 1936, p. 492.

Background: I won this item in a "Remember When" auction, about 30-years ago. (They were a major auction house in autographs-mostly non sports-in the per-Internet era.) It's a questionnaire filled out on four sides, for Harold "Speed" Johnson's running series of "Who's Who in the Major Leagues." It opens up like a book. Four sides, with each measuring 8.5 x 11". VG+ condition due to some tiny tears at the edges. However, it's quite vintage in nature, for having been filled out in 1934 or 35. Also, mostly completely without stains or blemishes that would take away for the visual appeal. Two mailing folds (from Radcliff mailing it to Johnson). Tannish in color. Mint writing and signature in blue fountain pen. This is a MULTI-SIGNED , one-of-a-kind document, from one of the greatest hitters of the 1930s. Rare; possibly totally unique in handwritten form.

Winning bidder needs to add $4.95 for postage and tracking (Priority Flat Rate - due to large size - can't fit properly into 9x12 envelope). Returns accepted. Postage cost on each additional winning is 25¢. Guaranteed. More details are listed at far
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