Ritter dental drill engine jewelry tool

Ritter Model "C" antique dental drill engine with pedestal-type mount. Includes Ritter Alternating-Current foot controller, Pfingst 3/32" handpiece, Sani-Terry handpiece, and four spare belts. Reversible multi-speed motor, excellent balance for delicate operations. Stepped pulleys for additional speed control. Stalk can be easily mounted directly to a jewelry bench with one 1/2" hole for wires and four provided screws. Entire motor and arm unit slides over stalk and automatically makes ring-and-brush electrical connections. (I mounted the unit 33" from the base of the bench pin, to the right and rear, and it worked well for me.) Excellent working condition; some rust visible, especially on foot control. This engine is suitable for collectors and will make a fine addition to any jewelry-repair or serious hobbyist bench. Made in USA, operates on 110v AC.