Ritzenhoff Beer Pilsner Glass and Mats

Beer is now conquering top-class restaurants w it's rapidly becoming popular as an aperitif for both men and women...and it is being savored out of beautiful decorated glasses like these amazing glasses by Ritzenhoff of Marsberg Germany. Too long have we drank out of bottles and cans!

The culture of the beer glass has developed from mead cups through horns and steins to the modern designer glass. The Ritzenhoff beer glass collection is probably one of the most famous design projects in the world. They work closely with both emerging and established artists, architects and designers from all over the world to create unique, whimsical designs to enhance the pleasure of beer. Ritzenhoff collections can be found on tables, in collectors' showcases and museum exhibitions in 50 countries. They are an affordable art collection, and the only one you can drink from. Cheers!

This design was created by Andrea Hilles in 2007. (Andrea is a digital media designer born in 1975 in Willengen Germany . At first she worked as a dental technician but soon realized that this craft did not challenge her creative talents. How fortunate for us that she switched to digital media; otherwise her open and fresh designs might never have seen the light of day!)

Included with your decorated 20-ounce Ritzenhoff beer glass are 2 design-coordinated
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