RIVAROSSI HO BALTIMORE & OHIO STREAMLINED PASSENGER TRAIN This is a very nice eight-car combination of Rivarossi HO Baltimore & Ohio streamlined smooth-side passenger cars. All the cars have horn-hook couplers extended from four-wheeled trucks, except for one baggage car, and one end of the Railway Post Office car, which have Kadees mounted instead of the horn-hook couplers. The train consists of Railway Post Office car #462, two Baggage cars, both of which are #624, Coach #646, Dome car #464, Pullman named Paw Paw, two-level Sleeping car #1503, and Observation car #354. All of the cars have clear windows in place. The Kadee-coupler-equipped baggage car is missing three of it's four corner stirrup steps. The train has been used, but actually shows very little wear.