Riveted Chain Mail Shirt Flat Rivet Flat Washer Chainmail Hauberk Extra Large

One stop shop for high quality items... Get special price on Tailor made fittings.. Chainmail is a form of armor that has been in use for centuries as a form of protection for soldiers. It is still a favorite of re-enactment groups, the theater and film studios. We deal in bulk & retail business of Chain Mail at a very competitive price with unmatched quality. MS Chain Mail Shirt Flat Riveted With alternate Flat Solid Ring (Washer) 9mm Strong Extra Large Specifics:Pictures:

Ring Type: 18 Gauge 9 mm
Chest Size - 68 inches
Comfortable fit for someone with an actual Chest size of 58 inches
Sleeve Length - 20 inches
Sleeve Circumference - 24 inches
Overall Length from Shoulder - 52 inches
Slit in the bottom both front & back for leg movement. 10 inches from front & 6 inches at back.
Coating - Original MS Rings Oil Finish

** All measurements are accounted while keeping the item in complete flat/hanging stretched position.
** It is advisable to measure your chest (actual torso) & order atleast 8-9 inches or extra in the Chest size while ordering your shirt, we are specialized in tailor made fittings.

NOTE: You can write to us for your specific size requirements & we can make a custom made (Your Size) while offering a competitive quote. We do not charge extra for minor
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