2 RM Schiller German Nazi silver Reichsmark 1934 F !!!!

2 Reichsmark " Friedrich Schiller" 1934 F-Nazi Silver
100% authentic , hard to find in such a condition !!!!!
XF or better, no damages at the edge !!!
A double coin from my collection. I´m upgrading my collection and sell the double ones.
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100% authentic please look at the original pictures to get an idea of the coin.
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Some German coin history:
Please remark, the Nazis didn´t make any gold coins !!!
All nazi gold-coins you find with the nazi eagle were silver coins only coated with gold.
The "gold Reichsmark" didn´t exist, it´s nice to look at but not original, the collector´s value is nearly zero.
An old silver coin with a nice antique patina is more worth and an original peace of German history.
Surprising is: The Nazis didn´t made any coins with their leaders or officers.
Mineral resurces were rare and other counties only exept foreign exchanges no Reichsmark.
In the 3rd Reich only 4 different motives were made (all silver):
2 and 5 Reichsmark Hindenburg with swastika,
5 Reichsmark Hindenburg no swastika,
2 and 5 Reichsmark Church with date and swastikas/ without date and swastikas,
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