RME ADI-8 DS 8 channel AD/DA converter 24bit 96Khz and HDSP 9652 interface card

This is an 8-Channel AD/DA converter with reference approach. The compact 19" 1U rackmount enclosure includes several outstanding features, like Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) , SyncCheck ®, SyncAlign ®, TDIF/ADAT converter and Bit Splitter. AD- and DA-circuit automatically operate either independently or linked. The latest 24-Bit converters with 128 times oversampling achieve 117 dBA true dynamic range. All digital inputs and outputs operate at full 24-bit resolution. If you have been waiting for a flexible, fully professional yet affordable multi-Channel converter.
More detailed pictures here: https:///sh/m7tgxl5drhc9r8o/QZQ13iJ6Ri/De%20pus%20pe%20ebay/RME
Connectivity 8 x Analog I/O 2 x ADAT I/O 1 x TDIF-I/O 1 x Word Clock I/O Samplerate: up to 96 kHz
8 channel AD-converter, completely symmetrical and DC-coupled audio path, 117 dBA SNR AD 8 channel DA-converter, balanced output, 112 dBA DA ADAT optical inputs, 24-Bit, based on RME's unsurpassed Bitclock PLL for sample accurate lock ADAT optical outputs, 24-Bit, fully compatible to all ADAT optical inputs TDIF-1 interface, 24-Bit, Low Jitter PLL, Emphasis support, DA-88 compatible Bit Split/Combine, Copy Mode, ADAT and TDIF usable in all combinations Copy Mode adds a unique 24-Bit ADAT to/from TDIF converter Digital Patchbay operation, allows to copy, duplicate
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