RME ADI8DS 8 Channel AD Converter

The ADI-8 DS' astonishing capabilities are easy to explore thanks to a simple and easy to understand user interface. Let's have a short walk over the front panel from left to right. Setting up the ADI-8 DS starts with an input sensitivity that perfectly suits your needs and maintains the excellent dynamic range of the AD-Converters. INPUT LEVEL lets you choose between Lo Gain, +4 dBu, -10 dBV.

Each analog input has its own 'Signal Present' and 'Clip' LED, so levels and Overload are easy to check. The key PROCESS activates Bit Split (spread the 24-Bit signal on two outputs), Double Speed mode (DS) and Dither (Dith.) Bit Split allows two 8-Channel 16-Bit tape recorders to record 8 channels in 24-Bit resolution. Bit Split works with both TDIF and ADAT.

RMEs intelligent clock control (ICC) provides professional features you won't find anywhere else. First set the clock of the AD-Converter, choose between INTERNAL, EXTERNAL (BNC word clock) or INPUT (the digital input signal ADAT or TDIF.) The internal clock can be 44.1/48 or - when DS is active - 88.2 or 96 kHz. The DA-Converter has the same settings available. The current state of locking and clock synchronization is shown by blinking or constantly lit LEDs. The next key DIGITAL INPUT determines the used digital input, and the clock source in case INPUT was activated.

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