RME HDSPe PCI-e Express Card for PC & Mac Multiface I II 1 2 Digiface Pcie

RME HDSPe PCIe Express Card for PC & MAC For connection of Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM
Rev. 1.2
minimal matency
MINT condition
Overview Connectivity PCI Express interface Connection of Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM
Differences to HDSP PCI Card PCI Express interface even lower latencies direct support of HDSP TCO

In the year 2001 RME started a revolution in mobile audio recording: the HDSP System, consisting of a PCI or CardBus card plus an external I/O-box has been the world's first audio system, operating at both desktop and laptop. And the world's first professional multitrack system for notebooks at all.

Today we are proud to look back and conclude: the HDSP system has become a true 'industry standard'. Thanks to continuing firmware and driver updates it stayed a cutting-edge product, still offers un-beaten performance, and still enjoys great popularity among the users.

The PCI Express card uses RME's own audio bus, already known from the PCI version , operating in combination with Multiface II, Multiface, Digiface and the RPM DJ interface. RME is especially proud on the fact that all users of RME interfaces can easily expand their system so that it operates with the latest and fastest PCI Express computers and Windows Vista, not loosing all the money formerly
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