RMT Aristo 93111-1 Streamline Passenger Car Long Island Rail Road Baggage Car

Newly-issued in the current line of LongIsland Rail Road "streamline" passenger cars offered by Ready Made Trains / Aristo Craft. (Not a Li onel product, but Lionel-compatible. ) Brand new. P art number 93111-1 and car # 7738, in never -opened original box. Lighted and detailed interior, the box says (not sure what details are in the car, some baggage maybe?) , underside details, two rubber diaphragms, metal wheels and couplers, metal handrails. Will run on O curve s down to 027. Accurate, handsome gray and orange color scheme makes car look longer than it is. 1964 World’s Fair “steel thruway to the fair gateway” commuter lettering.