This is a very rare special separate printing of four time Pulitzer Prize winning poet Robert Frost's poems, "Dedication" and "The Gift Outright", which were read by the Poet at President John F. Kennedy's Inauguration on January 20, 1961. President Kennedy's Inaugural Address also appears in this pamphlet following "The Gift Outright". This rare publication in softcover pamphlet form was published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in a very limited edition of 800 in April, 1961 as a keepsake given to each guest at a birthday dinner for Mr. Frost that was hosted by President Kennedy's Cabinet . This special printing was never sold by the publisher. This pamphlet was given to each guest, and thus, it is very rare. You had to be a guest to receive it. This example is from the estate of Maxine Lowry who was the secretary to Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. Ms. Lowry was in charge of the planning and organization of the various social events that were hosted by President Kennedy's Cabinet, and this is one such event that she organized. Ms. Lowry served as the secretary to the Secretary of the Interior from 1946 until her retirement from the Civil Service in 1973. Prior to her postion at The Department of The Interior, she was the Pentagon press secretary during World War II. The pamphlet is comprised of ten leaves (20 pages)

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