Robert Kaniatobe Fetish Spiny Oyster Necklace Choctaw

This listing is for a three strand necklace strung with spiny oyster beads and featuring a hand-carved fetish by master carver Robert Kaniatobe (1936-1998). Robert was a Choctaw Native American born in Tom, Oklahoma. He received a Bachelor's of Art degree from San Francisco State University. He specialized in designing and carving fetishes, designing silver art work and sculpting in clay. In 1980 he began putting his fetish carvings together with beads and forming necklaces that are now world-renown and extremely collectible. His wife at the time (Kristen Chandler Wilson) is a designer and worked with him in their studio. They divorced before his death in 1998.
The fetish on this necklace is a hummingbird with inlaid brass beak and eyes. The carving is exquisite. His fetishes are distinctive for his use of brass inlay. The fetish is 2 and 1/8th inches long, including the beak. The body of the bird is approximately 5/8th inches across. The necklace including the clasp is 32 inches long, with a drop of 17 inches. The natural spiny oyster beads have a beautiful polish in colors of purple, gold and cream, that compliment and blend beautifully with the creamy white color of the hummingbird. Minute shell heishi are strung between each pebble of spiny oyster. The necklace closes with a large stamped sterling button bead and beautifully
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