Robert L. Scott, Jr: WWII P-40 Ace; Popular Author

Item Description

This is a thick stock 8x10 portrait signed by WWII P-40 aceand best-selling author Robert L. Scott, Jr. It is in excellent condition, and is signed in pencil by this outstanding pilot and American hero.

Biographical Highlights

One of the best-known American heroes of World War II, Robert Scott had dreamed of flying ever since he saw his first aircraft, which had crashed into the city park of his hometown of Macon, Georgia. His first flight, at age 12, had a similar ending when he jumped from the roof of a 3-story building with a homebuilt glider. He cleared only the first tree before the wing snapped, but his fall was broken by a bed of roses. After graduation from West Point in 1932, Scott attended flight training at Randolph Field and was assigned to P-12s with the 99th Observation Squadron at Mitchel Field, New York. In 1934, he accepted the dangerous job of flying the mail because it relieved him of a standing restriction of only four flying hours a month. At the outbreak of World War II, he desperately sought a combat assignment to get out of a training unit, and accepted a transfer to a secret B-17 task force formed to bomb Japan. Scott did not want his crew to know he had never flown the B-17 before, so he flew a solo ride around Wright Field to check himself out. He flew the B-17 to
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