Robert Ronnie Branaman Rare Underground Comix 1 Plymell

Well, 's simply one you don't see ever. This probably is theoldest or 2nd oldest Underground Comix ever printed. Printed in 1963(unknown when, as opposed to Bode's Das Kampf (1st print) that is known to be printed in May 1963). This and Das Kampf are the only 2 Comix listed in the Kennedy for 1963, and Kennedy's only Comix listed for 1962 (Adventures of Jesus) was actually printed in Spring 1964 as quoted by Gilbert Shelton who is the one who printed it for Frank Stack (Foolbert Sturgeon). Approx. 500 copies printer per Branaman and Charles Plymell (who printed it, approx. 5 years before he printed the 1st print of Zap Comix #1). It was "Bob" Branaman who introduced Don Donahue (who ended up taking over the printing of Zap Comix after the 1st print of #1, and started Apex Novelties) to Charles Plymell. Before Donahue met R. Crumb and agreed to have Plymell print Zap Comix #1, he sought out Branaman for the labeled "Momma-Daddie" tabloid, that featured Branaman's art. Only approx. 3-7 copies survived of "Momma-Daddie".
How rare are these, not even "Bob" Branaman or Charles Plymell own copies of any of these items. This copy is in Approx. Fine- condition with some creasing and some scratches to cover.
today is one Rare Underground Comix item from 1963, that was printed long before Plymell printed "The Last Times" Vol. 1 #1
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