ROBERT TAYLOR Hellcat Fury Vought F4U Corsair US Navy AVIATION ART 4 Signatures


by Robert Taylor

"HELLCAT FURY" by the artist Robert Taylor is a signed and numbered limited edition print from an edition limited to only 450 prints. This is the THREE signature (plus artist) ACES EDITION.

Truk, the small atoll in the South Pacific, was the major anchorage for the Japanese Fleet. Comprising a magnificent harbor and four heavily defended airfields, it was thought impregnable by the US forces as they fought their way up through the Pacific. But on 16-17 February 1944 a violent two-day aerial assault by carrier-­born aircraft of Task Force 58 exploded the myth. In just two days the US Navy flyers sank over 200,000 tons of Japanese naval shipping and destroyed an estimated 275 enemy aircraft, totally eliminating all effectiveness of the Japanese base. Light as the US Navy losses were - only 25 aircraft failed to return - the battle for Truk was ferocious. The ground installations, ships, and airfield batteries put up intense anti­aircraft fire against the attacking American aircraft, while Zeros did their best to repel the onslaught. The air above the atoll became a maelstrom of flak, tracer, flying lead, and shrapnel, while below huge explosions rocked the ground as ammo and fuel dumps were hit, fires raged, and the acrid smoke of battle pervaded the entire area.

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