Roberto Alomar 2002SS MLB SHowdown card RARE! HOLO!!!!

You are biding on a 2002 Roberto Alomar Super Season card. This card is ultra rare and in very good condition, and comes in a HOT red protective case to ensure ultimate protection. It is also a HOLO! It is a 14 on base, 1-7 out (1-2 SO, 3-5 GB, 6-7 FB) walks at 8-12, singles at 13-14, single+ at 15, double at 16-19 and homers at 20. It is also a speed A(23) and a +6 at second base! Bats switch and is worth 560 Showdown points. Also (depending on what rules you play by) has a Gold Glove icon. This is just about the best second basemen in the game of MLB Showdown! GOOD LUCK!