Robin/Nightwing Complete Collection DVDs DC Comics Chuck Dixon

I am selling a 2 DVD Set of Robin and Nightwing Comics.
The comics included are:
Robin v1 1-5
Robin v2 1-183, 0 & 1 Million
All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder 1-10, Special Edition
Batman & Robin v1 1-26
Batman & Robin v2 0-22, Annual
Batman & Robin: The Official Movie Adaptation
Batman & Robin Adventures 1-25
Batman & Robin Adventures: Sub-Zero
Batman & Robin Adventures Annual 1-2
Bruce Wayne: The Home Home: Red Robin
Red Robin 1-26
Robin 80-Page Giant
Robin 3000 1-2
Robin Annual 1-7
Robin II: The Joker's Wild 1-4
Robin III: Cry Of The Huntress 1-6
Robin Plus 1-2
Robin Year One 1-4
Robin-Argent Double Shot
Robin-Spoiler Special
Sins Of Youth: Batboy & Robin
Superboy-Robin: World's Finest Three 1-2
Nightwing v1 1-4
Nightwing v2 1-153, 0.5 & 1 Million
Nightwing v3 0-23
Batman-Nightwing: Bloodborne
Nightwing 80-Page Giant
Nightwing: Alfred's Return
Nightwing: Our World's At War
Nightwing: The Target
Nightwing Annual 1-2
Nightwing Secret Files
Nightwing-Huntress 1-4
Tangent Comics: Nightwing
Tangent Comics: Nightwing-Night Force

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