Robin Williams Mork & Mindy Original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAITS Eastman Dye Print

TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAITS Original Eastman Dye Transfer Print (1978)

The following is an original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAITS. Large, full color "Eastman Dye Transfer" Print. Every week TV GUIDE would do a new issue with a NEW cover. They would prepare these covers in advance, and do these large color EASTMAN DYE TRANSFERS and ship them out to their Regional Offices to hang on the wall. There were LESS than 20 regional offices. They would also give the local affiliate stations a copy, if the cover promoted one of their shows. (so maybe another 20 were issued for them). Sometimes, the execs would give out a promo copy, sometimes the star and production big wigs of the show would get a copy (so maybe another 20 were handed out). The point I am trying to make is - these are very LIMITED production, and limited release. NOT available to the general public. RARELY seen on the market, if ever. All official estimates, is that these early ones were produced in quantities of LESS than 100 each! Color dye transfers are very high quality, true to life, bright, brilliant colors. An expensive process. These are QUITE large. Overall, matted dimensions are approx. 16" by 20". The actual picture itself is a bit bigger than the 11" by 13" that displays. If you collect this person, you would be hard pressed to find a more attractive or SCARCER
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