Robotech RPG Tactics Battle Cry Pledge + Max Miriya GenCon LE Limited Edition

This is your chance to still get the Battle Cry level pledge for Robotech RPG Tactics if you missed the kickstarter. Items will be shipped once they are received, estimated delivery date is December 2013 (subject to change). Also included are the GenCon Max and Miriya LEs. Get all the LEs for this game in one auction! Max and Miriya will be shipped when the auction ends. The rest of the auction will be shipped as specified. Well over $600 in retail worth of models, and these LEs will NEVER be offered again! This is the last one I have so get it while you can!
Robotech RPG Tactics Box Game (40 figures)
UEDF Extras
4x Destroids
2x Spartan Destroid
2x Phalanx Destroid
1x Limited Edition Rick Hunter SE Veritech Valkyrie (3 total figures)
1x Limited Edition Roy Fokker SE Veritech Valkyrie (3 total figures)
2x Veritech Valkyrie (6 total figures)
2x Super Valkyries (6 total figures)
2x 5f-3A Lancer II
2x QF-3000 Ghost Drone Fighters
Command Destroid Upgrade Kit
All Valkyrie kits upgraded to include VF-1R heads
Zentraedi Extras
1x Glaug Officer Battlepod
2x Quel-Regult Recon Battlepod
6x Regult Battlepods
4x Artillery Battlepods
3x Gnerl Fighters
3x Nousjadeul-Ger
2x Quel-Gulnau Recovery Pods
3x Queadluun-Ru Female Power Armor
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