robugtix T8X robot spider

Robugtix T8X Robot spider. This was a gift, used it one time. Mint new condition. Sells for $950.00 from in Hong Kong. No need to wait for availability and shipping from Hong Kong immediately ships from Florida. Save over $250.00 plus shipping. There are videos of it on youtube.

Looks like a spider. Moves like a spider.

Aesthetically and behaviorally realistic, the T8X is the only robot in the market that combines so much resemblance to a real spider with fine movements, programmability, and customizability. With 26 servo motors packed inside the robot and powered by the proprietary Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine, which contains advanced robotics algorithms for controlling multi-legged walking robots, there are endless possibilities for the types of bio-inspired, realistic movements that the robot can make.

Incredibly easy for anyone to play with advanced robotics.

By providing simple commands to the robot on your own smartphone, tablet or computer (for example, instructing it to walk forward), the Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine will automatically take care of all the complex mathematical computations in the background, including inverse-kinematics calculations, leg trajectory planning, leg gait coordination, motor control, etc.

So, whether you're new to robotics and just want to have fun scaring others, or are an
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