Rochester Optical & Camera Company Premo B

This is an1984~1988 era, Pre-Kodak, box camera made by Rochester Optical & Camera Company, 5x7 format.
It has a Bosch & Lomb lens, mounted on a Victor shutter.
The camera "folds" into the box body. There is a campartment that opens in the side [missing the opening button, but easy to open with a pen tip], which holds the film holder, and a contact printer. Another door opens on the back for focusing on the ground glass. Some years back I actually made glass negatived and shot landscapes with this beauty!
The contact printer still holds a photo that was exposed, who-knows-when.
The ground glass and lens are clean, the front "framing lens" has a fogged mirror.
Included with the camera is a copy of the original manual, on CD, " How to Make Photos with the Premo & Poco Cameras ", ca. 1899: A very informative manual of the technology of the time, and history lost to too many people today, in this age of "Instant Imaging", and an advertisement for the camera.