Rock Gem Mineral Collection #5 - 76 Specimens w/ Sleeve

Rock Gem & Mineral Collection #5 - 76 Specimens w/ Sleeve A complete collection of all 76 different rocks, gems & minerals that I offer on a single decorative display card with protective sleeve. This has all of the specimens from my collections #0, #1, & #2 all on one card. Each labeled specimen is about 1/4" to 3/8" long and affixed to a 10.5" x 7.5" card in a plastic sleeve (can be opened and resealed easily). All of the specimens are tumbled/polished. This collection includes Lake Superior agate, copal amber, & all of the other specimens listed below. There is a mineral index affixed to the back of the card and a separate list that is loose. This offering is for one carded collection of 76 specimens. A great educational tool, display item, or gift. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Specimens included:
Black Tourmaline Thulite Prehnite Lake Superior Agate Black Obsidian Bronzite Copal Amber Beryl Chalcedony Crystal Quartz Rhodo- chrosite Crazy Lace Agate Milky Quartz Durmor- tierite Brecciated Jasper Citrine Rainforest Rhyolite Apache Tears Rutilated Quartz Rose Quartz White Aventurine Larvikite Dolemite Smokey Quartz Red Jasper (Red) Garnet Peridot Kunzite Pink Opal Carnelian Labradorite Ametrine Blue Tigerseye Dalmation Jasper Unakite Hematite Yellow Jasper Green Aventurine Sodalite
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