I am offering five (5) Rock Island Lines " THE ROCKET " employee magazines from the 1950s: Nov 1950 , Feb 1956 , Jul-Aug 1958 , Sep-Oct 1958 , and Nov-Dec 1958 . All are in good shape with no tears (the 1950 edition does have a crease in the middle but is not materially impacted ). These are wonderful examples of the good days on the Rock Island in the "golden era" of that historic carrier. The magazines were given to me by a close friend who worked 45-years for the Rock in train and engine service. They have been part of my collection for over 40-years. I am downsizing my collection in anticipation of retirement.

BONUS --as a bonus, I will include at no charge a never used " ROUTE ROCK " folder in "new Rock blue" issued in the late 1970s (see photo).

I want your buying experience to be a good one, and I want you to be pleased to add this marvelous piece of history to your collection. Regards-- "hvrails"